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Keto and Cannabis: A Healthful Combination

By Dr. Ashok Khanna & Stacey Khanna

Ketogenic Diet & Cannabis

The Ketogenic Diet is a a high fat, high protein, low carbohydrate diet that has been shown to improve metabolic function, increase muscle mass and contribute to fat loss. When the diet is properly followed, the body will enter a state of ketosis, meaning that the body is burning fat as its primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates. Research has shown that making the Keto diet a way of life, has significant healing properties. The Keto diet was originally developed in the mid 1990’s as a way to successfully reduce seizures in children with treatment resistant epilepsy. Since that time, the Keto diet has grown in popularity to improve health and combat chronic diseases. It improves cancer outcomes, brings pediatric Crohn’s Disease patients into remission within 12 weeks and hasslowed the disease progression of ALS in mouse models. Within my own practice, the Keto diet reduces blood pressures and helps diabetics improve their A1Cs.

The Keto diet has been shown to be effective in treating all the same illnesses as medical marijuana. While THC has been shown in research to increase appetite, CBD has been shown through clinical studies to help the body maintain homeostasis. Overall, recent studies have shown that regular marijuana users have a lower Body Mass Index. CBD can aid in weight loss because it decreases pain, anxiety and inflammation. When patients are no longer in pain, they are more likely to get out and live more active lifestyles. A five year study conducted in 2013 found that patients who used cannabis had 16% lower fasting insulin levels and 17% lower insulin resistance. What this means for you is a faster metabolism, easier weight loss and less inflammation throughout your body. Combining the Keto diet and medical marijuana into great tasting snacks can help people lead healthier, happier, more functional, pain free lives.

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