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AOD 9604 for Weight Loss

AOD9604 is an FDA-approved oral weight loss peptide that is taken daily. It is derived from a portion of the human growth hormone (HGH) molecule and is believed to work by stimulating the breakdown of stored body fat.​

Specifically, AOD9604 is thought to work by mimicking the effects of a natural hormone called lipase, which is produced by the body to help break down fat. AOD9604 stimulates lipase activity, which can lead to the release of stored body fat and the subsequent use of that fat for energy by the body's cells.


Numerous studies have shown that AOD9604 administration over a 3-week course can reduce weight gain by up to 50%. This peptide is great to use in conjunction with our other peptides to help you reach your weight loss goals safely and effectively.

Can be effectively combined with Semaglutide for quick weight loss.

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