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Concierge Medicine

Florida Primary Care Center is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost-effective medical care. Dr. Ashok Khanna has over 41 years of experience providing his patients with the utmost quality of care. Dr. Khanna has increased the longevity and quality of life for his patients and generations of their family members. For private pay services, we offer the most competitive prices in Central Florida. We accept all major credit cards and Original Medicare. 

Text or call our clinic directly at 407-299-7791

Direct Care & Concierge Medicine Memberships

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Annual Primary Care Memberships

  • $1,780 Individual Membership 

  • $3600 Couple Membership

Doctor's Visit

Quarterly Primary Care Memberships

  • $465 Individual Membership

  • $960 Couples Membership

X-Ray Results

Monthly Primary Care Memberships

  • $155 Individual Membership

  • $300 Pain Management & Primary Care Membership

Included With Primary Care Concierge Memberships:
  • Unlimited Primary Care Visits

  • Unlimited Telemedicine Visits

  • EKG Included

  • Some Minor Procedures

  • Discounted Labs and Imaging

  • Free Blood Draw In-Office for Labs

  • 20% off Wellness Services

  • Emergency Direct Physician Access

Most Insurances Accepted For Standard Primary Care


Please contact us at 407-299-7791 by call, text, or voicemail to confirm if we take your specific insurance plan​

Additional Fees: 


There is an additional fee for completion of forms for use outside of the patient's medical record, including:

  • Day Care

  • Pre-Employment

  • Employment

  • Life Insurance.

  • Family Medical Leave

  • Social Security Disability

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