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Can Cheese Help to prevent Diabetes?

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Multiple studies have shown that a diet high in healthy fat and protein and low in sugar and carbs is a great way to lose weight and maintain a proper BMI. Dairy products and other proteins produced by organic, grass fed cows, sheep and goats are a great addition to any diet. Processed cheeses on the other hand, which is unfortunately commonly used in an American diet, is high in trans fats which leads to heart disease, diabetes, ADHD and obesity. These processed cheeses have given cheese a bad rap.

High quality cheese such as cheddar and imported European cheeses such as Gouda and Swiss are an excellent source of nutrients. Cheese is packed with calcium, Vitamin D, protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B12. We routinely test our patients for Vitamin D and calcium deficiency and find that there is an overwhelming deficiency, especially in women. Consuming cheese is a natural way to alleviate this deficiency. Cheese is also high in protein. It helps people feel full longer so they consume less calories which contributes to a healthy BMI. Obesity is the number one cause for type 2 diabetes. When patients can lose weight and maintain that weight loss, diabetes can be reversed if caught in the early stages of the disease process. Maintaining proper weight can prevent diabetes.

Cheese has also been shown through clinical research to prevent heart disease, manage and prevent osteoporosis, improve brain function due to omega 3, improve teeth health due to calcium and phosphorus, and boost immunity due to probiotics that improve gut health.

Cheese taste great and enhances any recipe. It can be a great, healthy after school snack for kids or act as a meal replacement for dieters. Keep in mind that even too much of a great thing can be detrimental. Eat cheese in moderation because, at the end of the day, consuming too many calories, even healthy ones, increases risk of diabetes and other health problems.

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1 komentarz

17 paź 2018

Love this! Most people are also unaware that fat can help the absorption of fat-based vitamins, so cheese with vegetables is helpful in that regard.


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